About the Friends of LA Law Library

The Friends of the LA Law Library is the fund-raising organization for the Law Library. Founded in 1891, today LA Law Library holds over 1,000,000 volumes and is the second largest public law library in the United States — second only to the Law Library of Congress. LA Law Library's mission is to serve "as the curator and cultivator of a superior collection of legal resources, a gateway to legal information and a navigator facilitating access to the legal system." In this capacity, it provides services and access to legal information for judges, public officials, and attorneys. But just as often, its users are self-represented individuals who may have no other access to legal information.

Like many other venerable public institutions today, LA Law Library's revenues have declined with the economy, while the need for service has increased. Friends' activities raise the visibility of the Law Library's services and provide a much-needed additional base of financial support. Over the past ten years, proceeds from the Galas have been used to expand access, upgrade technology, digitize appellate briefs, provide enhanced services to self-represented litigants and develop partnerships with public libraries.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides leadership and management of the Friends activities with the Annual Beacon of Justice Award Gala event as their focal point. Beginning each year in early fall, the Board solicits and receives numerous nominations for the annual award. Following selection of the recipient, the Board promotes sponsorships, raises funds and plans the Gala event each year.

Thank you for helping us keep the Law Library strong, vital and accessible to all.
Your support is invaluable.